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Stop All the Disjointed Marketing

inbound marketing louisville, ky

If you're a business owner, a C level executive (that means your title has Chief it in somewhere), or in the marketing department, we have good news for you. We have an answer to one of the biggest problems you might be facing. When your brand starts pursuing inbound marketing, or digital marketing if you will, to achieve your business development objectives, then it's easy for things to get away from you. What do I mean by that? Well, I'll explain that in this post, and offer a good answer to the dilemma. 

Is Your Franchisor Killing Your Digital Marketing?

inbound marketing louisville, ky

I see this all the time. A franchisee trusts their franchisor to do all online marketing for them. It's a real shame. I hear things like: "Corporate updates the website." This usually translates to them having a one page place holder with their geographic location. Or we hear: "They handle our social media." Again, this can't be geo targeted to the local following. Or we hear: "We can't blog, they won't allow us. They have to approve everything that goes out."

Whatever Happened to Simplified Solutions LLC?

Simplified Solutions LLC

Those of you who have followed along with us over the last six years might remember our business as Simplified Solutions, LLC. Some of you may have no idea what Simplified Solutions, LLC has do with The Content Squad. Others are wondering whatever happened to Simplified Solutions, LLC. Well, let's answer those questions in today's post. It's overdue. 

Should My Business Be On An Inbound Marketing Program?

inbound marketing louisville, ky

I have a series of questions you can answer to determine whether or not you need an inbound marketing program. The questions will also help to determine what level program you might need. Just play along. If inbound marketing is not for you, then you'll know pretty shortly. 

Louisville HUG Discusses Creating Content for Boring Industries

Louisville HUG

Last week the Louisville HUG (HubSpot User Group) had its March meet-up and discussed the topic of creating content for boring industries. Sarah Brom, Louisville HUG organizer, presented on the topic. 

The Content Squad Gets a Marketing Makeover

Louisville digital marketing

At The Content Squad, we've decided to make some major changes within our marketing playbook. As opposed to just relying on social media, email marketing, content lead generation, and blogging, we are shifting our resources and our money to new cutting edge marketing methods. In a moment, I'll lay out a detailed plan including staff changes, but for now let's keep this at a high level. We plan on implementing some brand new marketing methods that you likely haven't seen. "This stuff is cutting edge," says The Content Squad President Jay Stewart. "We're talking about the WOW factor and stuff that really pops," says co-owner Wayne Cox. Bryce Raley, Founding Partner, adds: "This is game changing kind of stuff." 

TCS Spotlight: Meet our Copywriter Molly Edds

Copywriter Molly Edds

In the past few months we've taken one day toward the end of the month to highlight one of our key team members at TCS. This month we're talking Molly Edds. We call Jessie Devine the Queen of Content around TCS, but she couldn't be the Queen of Content without Molly Edds—the content creator extraordinaire. Molly keeps our content marketing machine rolling week in and week out. While Jessie manages the content direction and creation, Molly writes blog copy, website copy, social media copy, copy for ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics. She also writes copy for email workflows. She's Jessie's right hand woman in terms of keeping our inbound marketing programs flowing with great content. 

Writing With Your Audience In Mind; A Simple Explanation of Buyer Personas

how to develop buyer personas or target markets

This post starts with two assumptions. First, that you're making use of inbound marketing tools, like blogging and email marketing. Second, that you're creating content offers like ebooks, whitepapers, guides, infographics, and presentations. If you're doing those, then you need to know who you're speaking to when you create said content. HubSpot calls these target audiences, buyer personas. In the past, maybe you referred to them as target markets. Regardless of what we call them, knowing who these audiences are is a big key to your inbound marketing success. Let me walk you through a couple examples from our business, and then I'll share the list.

What's the NCAA Have to do with Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing and the ncaa

Nothing. As far as we can tell. 

26 Things Inbound Marketers Will Never Say


Because we all know inbound marketing is the way to attract leads and grow your business, you'll never hear us, or other inbound marketers out there, mutter these words again!

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