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Setting social media guidelines for employees

social media policy for your business

As I’m sure most of you are well aware, we believe social media is crucial to businesses today. No surprise there. We have a pretty open door policy when it comes to social media, too. Everyone at the office tweets and makes Facebook status updates on behalf of The Content Squad, and we also actively post on our own accounts throughout the day—but there are only three of us on board full time.

Being Luke Warm doesn’t work well in New Media


When it comes to social media, blogging, and other new media type activities, it’s typically best to be “in or out”,“hot or cold”. Dabbling in these areas can often do more harm than good. For example, setting up a Facebook account for a business or organization and making a few posts – only to leave it sitting there for a few weeks or even months with no activity. It’s better to have done nothing at all.

What is content?

What is content creation?

When I decided today to write on the topic of content, I googled the phrase, “what is content” because I was curious about several things. How many results would it generate, what types of information would I receive, who or what company would show up on the first page? I also wanted to know what other people were writing on the topic.

Maybe you just need a journalist

Inbound Marketing journalist

Marketing expert David Meerman Scott—someone I reference quite a bit—said this recently: “If content is so important to marketing today, shouldn’t your next marketing team hire be a journalist?”

We're looking for talented copywriters in Louisville

We're looking for copywriters in Louisville

We know you’re out there…we just need to find you.

Our Main Man Jay Stewart With His Original Facebook Song


Just a little fun for today.

Does your company ban Facebook and other social media sites?


In an effort to have total control over employees, many businesses and corporations block certain web addresses and track employees’ time spent online.

Cut marketing during a recession? Not so fast.

Don't cut marketing budgets during a recession

What happens when times get tough? People generally stop spending money, right? Well, they don’t necessarily stop spending, they normally just cut back on expenses. Smart for the most part. But what’s one of the first things businesses kick to the curb when the economy enters a hard time? Marketing. Is that smart?

Remember this scene from Seinfeld? This is how we feel


One of the all-time classic Seinfeld episodes was when Jerry brilliantly puts a pesky telemarketer in his place. This scene instantly became one of the most famous, funny, and talked about scenes because people all over America could relate to it. I don't know one person who isn't annoyed by a cold call.

You know what else is funny? This scene was from Seinfeld Season 4, which was first broadcasted on September 16, 1992. Nineteen-ninety-two! That was 19 years ago! You would think that as far as technology, the Internet, and communication has come, the annoying cold call and telemarketer would be long gone, but that's not the case.

Nineteen years later, telemarketers are still hard at work. You'd think they would have learned a thing or two from Jerry and the response that scene generated. Not so much. We at The Content Squad can attest to this because we recently got an office phone and guess who's been calling us? Yep, telemarketers.

Answering five+ cold calls a day annoys us just a little. Especially since it goes against everything we stand for. Haven't these people heard of inbound marketing? Instead of annoying the crap out of the people you're trying to sell to—which, by the way, probably won't make you a sale—why not try something different?

Get online and talk to them. Write blogs about the types of things they're likely dealing with and how your business can provide an answer. Provide content and information relevant to their needs in a fun and interesting way. Converse with them on social media. And for Pete's sake, put the phone down!

Happy International Apostrophe Day!


According to various tweets I’ve seen floating around, today is International Apostrophe Day. I have to admit, I didn’t know there was such a thing, but now that I do, I thought this would be an appropriate time for another grammar post focusing on, well, apostrophes.

Twitter releases new features

New Twitter features

I like the fact that Twitter seems to be constantly making updates and improvements to its platform. Some of the most notable improvements made in the past were the “new Twitter” layout, lists, and better search capabilities.

Have an inbound marketing question? Ask away!

Ask us a question

If you could ask one question about inbound marketing, what would it be?

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing—A Review of Options

Options for inbound marketing

There are a lot of small businesses looking into inbound marketing. I wouldn’t even call these folks tire-kickers. There are many small businesses who sat on the sidelines while we preached on deaf ears three years ago. Then there were some early adopters two years ago. This past year a lot of small businesses got in the game. Now we’re seeing mainstream adoption.

Keep your sales copy fresh


When I hear words like leverage, robust, actionable, and world-class, I tend to get a little annoyed. I’m not really sure why, but using hyperbole in marketing copy—or everyday conversation—gets under my skin a little.

Inbound marketing is hard work, but it always pays off

Inbound marketing construction zone

In a world where we expect service, food, results—and pretty much everything else—immediately, I can understand why some people might be impatient when it comes to inbound marketing.

Are fans seeing your Facebook posts? You might be surprised

Facebook fan page statistics

As an inbound marketing agency, we work hard to get results for our clients and we’re constantly working to improve our delivery process to make it easier on us and more beneficial for them. We’ve refined our process and will continue doing so. Nothing is ever perfect, but every process can be made better.

The benefits of hiring an inbound marketing agency

Inbound marketing strategy

If you’re a small business, do you handle marketing internally or do you outsource it?

Keeping work under control while on vacation

Work life balance

Last week my family and I took a much-needed vacation to the beach. It was great. We introduced our two-year-old to the ocean, ate at great restaurants, shopped, played on the beach, slept in, etc. It was just what we needed and was very relaxing, but the Monday following vacation is always a killer.

50 Ideas to Get Your Blogging Started Tomorrow Morning

50 Blog Ideas to Get you Started

 I have seen Tom Peters quoted as saying "If you're not blogging, you're an idiot."

The Age-Old Sales Problem. You Pick Two Menu- Good, Fast, Cheap

Good Fast and Cheap, You pick Two

You, like me, probably order off the "You Pick Two" type menus that are popular at chains like Panera Bread and Qdobe. We feel like we're getting more for our money, and a little more variety in our selection.

Stop Waiting - The Dust Will Never Settle

dust storm

It’s no longer a vague notion, theory, or passing trend.  On the contrary, it is now quantitative fact that traditional advertising, marketing, and even sales methods that “once upon a time” worked well, no longer work well.  And this fact holds true regardless of your industry, your services, or your products.

This never gets old. Hubspot One Take Video. Are you building a team?


I have watched this video below countless times. Any time I need a little inspiration in building our team here at The Content Squad, I pull it up and jam away.

Taking Orders? Marketing Generates Leads

marketing or order taking resized 600

Well, our inbound marketing specialist Jessie D is out on vacation so the buck stops here. I'm posting to our blog this week to keep the 90 day blog blitz moving forward. 

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