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From customer service to the cashier—everyone is marketing your business

marketing through customer service

Are you aware that every person working for you is marketing your business? The person who answers your phone, the greeter at the front entrance, the cashier who scans items—everyone represents your company.

Three easy ways to get your business noticed

three things that gets your business noticed

No matter the size of your company or its marketing know-how, there are things every business can easily do to market itself and get noticed. These things are simple and inexpensive, and if you need help getting started, we can do that, too.

The method to our inbound marketing madness

the method to our madness at the content squad

Understandably, the value of inbound marketing is sometimes lost on older businesses that have built their companies using traditional, outbound marketing methods. They might challenge what we do with questions like, “These methods worked in the past, why would they stop working now?”

"Leverage" and other nonsense words

what does that word mean

One thing that really irks me as a writer is nonsense phrases and overused, meaningless words. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Inbound Marketing Statistics from HubSpot

inbound marketing statistics

If you’ve had doubts in the past about what inbound marketing is, whether or not it really works, or how you could benefit, this post may be of help to you. HubSpot recently released its State of Inbound Marketing Report for 2011 and the data in it is very convincing.

Creating a content strategy

creating a content strategy

We preach content creation to our clients all the time. We assume they understand what it means, but if they’re not used to marketing the business this way, it can take a little while to sink in.

How fun is your business?

how fun is your work?

When you think about your business as a whole, would you consider it to be a fun place to work? How do you think your customers perceive you? Do you think these things even matter? I think they do.

Print Ads Done Right

magazine print ads done right

I think I’ve said it before: I love magazines. Maybe it’s because I love reading and learning new things, or maybe because good design and photography always catch my eye.

Content Marketing Problems Small Business Owners Face

Content marketing problems for small businesses

When it comes to marketing a small business, owners sometimes run into some common problems. Marketing can be overwhelming, especially because there’s so much to it. Maybe you’re not even sure where to start or what you need to be doing. Here are a few common marketing problems small business owners face, and how we might be able to help.

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