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Stop Winging It and Develop an Inbound Marketing Program


I'm sure you've seen this quote or something similar, "If you fail to plan to then you plan to fail." This is particularly true when it comes to inbound marketing. "Shooting from the hip" may work fine with some business initiatives, but marketing and branding need to have a solid program and plan behind them.

Social Media Inbound Advertising is Upon Us

digital marketing agencies louisville

Well for the last several years we all enjoyed free access to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We were able to post, share, tweet, like, connect and subscribe for free. Don't be frightened. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the YouTube didn't announce a decision to charge for services today. They are charging now though, it's just subtle and it involves your attention, not your credit card. All the big players have rolled out major changes to their feeds and user experience that focus on ads. We'll dive into each and, along with the opportunities for your brand.

The PGA Tour Lands at Valhalla in Louisville This Week

PGA in Louisville ky

In case you missed the memo, there is a major championship golf tournament right here in your hometown of Louisville. So half of your coworkers are suddenly missing and there was no rapture. Traffic is a little stuffy on the east side, and it's not from the back to school rush. Then we all have our buddies talking about the corporate tent, the A lot parking, the best volunteering gig, or better yet, personally speaking to Rory, Phil and Sergio all the same day— autographs to boot.

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Framing Up Your Next Website Design Project

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When a great custom builder starts building a home, they always begin with a plan, or a blueprint. This set of drawings reflects the desires of the client—it's the look they wanted, with the specifications they asked for. The set of plans laid out by the builder and architect are used by nearly every contractor who will contribute to this huge project. The plans have to be right because they drive everything.

Inbound Marketing: I Just Want to Taste It. No You Don't

inbound marketing louisville ky

When it comes to inbound marketing, many business owners and executives just want to taste it. They think they can just put a toe in the water, but it requires a swift dive into the pool. It's not like grabbing samples at your local Costco. It's more like ripping off the bandaid, instead of pulling it off inch by inch in agony. Trust me, I know it's hard to think about jumping in sideways. I struggle with this and have all my life. I'm the guy who puts one foot into the water, and slowly allows it to rise to my chest. I also rip off the bandaid slowly, but it doesn't serve me well. It's much easier when I rip, yell, and move on.

What Does The Landscape of a Website Design Look Like?

website design louisville ky

As with many things in life, this answer will vary depending on whom you ask. For example, If you ask a sitebuilder application like 1&1, Godaddy, or you'll get one answer. But, if you ask a freelance designer or your brother in law who's learning Photoshop and CSS on the side, you'll get different answer. If you are dealing with a large agency, then you'll get a totally different perspective than dealing with a smaller agency. If you are hiring an overseas developer, then... let's not go there.

A Marketing Agency is the Catalyst You Need To Start Getting Results

inbound marketing louisville ky

Maybe, a marketing agency is the catalyst you need to start getting results with your inbound marketing. If your inbound marketing results have driven traffic up, increased conversions, brought in leads, and made new sales, then this post is not for you. If you are an object at rest tending to stay at rest, then read on. So what is a catalyst anyway? Well here is what Merriam says about it. A catalyst is:

Our Favorite Tools For Running Our Inbound Marketing Agency

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We show up every day, and we do the things we do. We make sales to drive revenue. We service clients to keep them happy. We try our best to hit our goals and objectives. So how do we do it? We (I'm speaking about all of us) use a lot of processes— building many as we go. We use software in the cloud or on our desktop. We use apps on our phone or our iPad. So we thought we'd take a moment to highlight some of the unsung heroes on our team.

Key Takeaways from Go Inbound Marketing 2014

Go Inbound Marketing

Last week I had the chance to travel to Indy to attend the second annual Go Inbound Marketing conference hosted by Element Three. This year's speaker lineup included several industry experts like Dharmesh Shah, who I was personally most excited about hearing! His and Tiffany Sauder's speeches were awesome and appealed most to me, so I'll be focusing my key takeaways from their speeches. Element Three has put together a PDF of the entire event in review. Download it here.

Welcome Aboard Kimi Morrison

Kimi Morrison

The Content Squad is excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Kimi Morrison. Kimi has a background in marketing research and comes to us all the way from Los Angeles, CA! We're super excited for you to meet her and to officially welcome her to the TCS family! Read more about Kimi below.

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